Effects of lack sleep on sexuality that you may not know

If you suffer from insomnia, you may need to find help as fast as possible because scientists find lack of sleep greatly affects sexuality. Just like what you may have guessed before, having lack of sleep also means that you have the tendency to lose your sexual drive.

In one of the articles written by one of the most trusted news channel in the internet, BBC World news, it is written that a new study has concluded that people, especially men, who have a bad sleep habit will have the tendency to have low level of testosterone. For those who do not know, testosterone is one of the hormones in men that are responsible for sexual drive. Having a lack of this hormone, it means that one may have less sexual desire, the new study conclude.

The Role Of Testosterone In The Effects Of Sleep On Sexuality

The article suggests that based on the research that has been conducted by the authorized researchers and scientist the low amount of testosterone in a man is able to create a pack of negative consequences in himself. Reduced libido and the poor ability to reproduce are only two of the common effect of testosterone lost. In addition to that, lack of sleep can also lead to weak muscle as it can lead to the failure to produce a strong muscle mass and bone density. Weak muscle mass and bone density may also lead to low energy level, lack of concentration, and fatigue.

We all know that we need these three to engage in sexual activity with our partner. In addition to giving effect to the sexual life of the person, being sleepless is more likely to cause some disease such as heart disease stroke, and even type 2 diabetes, the new study suggests.

How To Have A Good Sleep For The Best Effects Of Sleep On Sexuality

Therefore, if you want to have a good sexual activity with your partner, what you need to do now is to control your sleep. No matter how hard your work is, you need to find a couple of free hours for you to sleep. Once you have enough restful sleep, your sexual activity will not be only that will gain the advantages of having a good sleep. You will feel refresh and your mind will be filled with positivity to run the day, which will lead you to a healthier life.


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