Floatation Tanks Dead Sea escapes now available in capital cities worldwide

The dead sea in Israel is famous worldwide for its usual natural phenomena which causes people who swim in the dead sea to float on the surface, however it is not only humans, experiments with more dense objects such as bowling balls are also able to float on the surface of the dead sea, due to its extremely high concentration of naturally occurring salts.

The dead sea has a salt saturation level of nearly 34% mixed salt content. Hence when you enter the dead sea, your body does not sink, instead due to the high level of salts, the water condenses and pushes your body upwards to the surface. It is basically the same as laying on a bed of salt, the buoyancy is caused by the remaining water concentration.

By comparison, sea water contains only 3.5% dissolved salts, primarily sodium chloride. The dead sea contains some Sodium Chloride (also known as sea salt or table salt), however this is not the major constituent in dead sea water, other rarer salts not normally found in sea and river / lake water make up the primary salt content in the dead sea, these salts are Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium, the water also contains a large amount of Chloride and Bromide.

The primary salt in dead sea water is Magnesium and is the primary constituent responsible for the healing effects in dead sea products which improve skin hydration and reduce inflammation.

The method of the dead seas floatation method along with the benefits the magnesium content provides has been replicated in recent times by the use of what is now known as floatation tanks. These tanks are either large open top spa’s, which are primarily called floatation tanks, and are used for methods such as reducing back pain and inflammation, as well as improving the condition of skin.

Enclosed floatation tanks are more commonly known as isolation tanks, or sensory deprivation tanks, and use the same method, however include the use of a fully enclosed spa, where by you not only float, but are enclosed in a tank which is dark and sound proof. This has the added benefits of inducing a mental state which is calm and meditative, and enhances the use of flotations benefits by also creating a sense of mental wellness, which improves overall well-being rather than just physical well-being. In addition, the water in floatation tanks is heated to 35.5 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the human body, and contain 50% magnesium sulphate, which promotes a greater healing response, and is softer on the skin than the type of magnesium found in the dead sea.

Enclosed floatation tanks are the most popular and are found in capital cities worldwide, they provide a wide range of benefits which are found in regular floaters in the dead sea, as well as inducing mental benefits, and are priced quite reasonably. Most floaters take part in sessions of between 1 hour and 3 hours.

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