type 2 diabetes - 7 steps to healthType 2 diabetes is one of the most common diabetes that affects both adults and children but more common in adults than in children. Ideally, this is a condition where the body produces insulin and fails to utilize it thereby boosting the blood sugar levels to a higher levels. It is also called the insulin resistance or diabetes mellitus and this comes due to the resistance of the body to use the insulin that is produced by the pancreas.

Normally, the pancreas is concerned with the production of insulin to be utilized by the body to release or produce energy. However, the body gains the energy from the fat reserves rather than from the normal way. When this happens, the sugar levels rise to cause the same disease.

It is believed that the disease has got no cure. However, if you are a victim of such condition, the only way that you can manage the situation is by embracing the right diet, doing some exercises and by maintaining a healthy body weight.

What are the causes?

Of course there are several causes of type 2 diabetes. according to studies, a number of factors are attributed to be linked the existence of this condition. In this case therefore, the following are some of the causes that have been confirmed by research to be the main causers of the disease. It includes:

1. Genetic causes

When it comes to the genetic causes, the disease is attributed to be a condition that is passed from the parents to the children through the genes or DNA. In this case, if you inherit the genes that has got the disease, it is believed that you will also develop the same condition.

2. Extra weight

Overweight is also the cause of the disease since it makes your body to become resistant to the insulin. In this case, the body resorts to using your body fat reserves to release energy. That means, the insulin is not utilized and thus the sugar level continues to rise and rise and thus causing the disease.

3. Metabolic syndrome

People who suffer from insulin resistance develops this condition where the body fails to carry out metabolism or the breakdown of food to release energy. This also leads to the accumulation of sugars and thus is a risk that can result in diabetes type 2.

The other factors to just mention include the presence of too much glucose in the liver, broken beta cells and the poor communication between the cells among others. All these factors work to higher the levels of glucose and thus the blood sugar level rises to cause diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes.

Signs and symptoms

Perhaps you are suffering from the disease and you just got to know. It is also possible that, there are people who might be living with the same condition unaware and this is very risky since it may turn fatal. It is therefore important to know the signs and symptoms so that the situation can be controlled on its earlier stages. Therefore, the following are some of the signs and symptoms of the disease just to mention. It includes:

  • Fatigue
  • Excessive thirst
  • Blurred vision
  • Too much hunger
  • Slow healing of wounds
  • Increased urination
  • Darkened skin and frequent infections.

How to prevent

If you are one of the victims of the same, it should not worry you so much since once you are aware of your condition, you can take the necessary precautions and measures that will help in reversing the situation. Unbelievably, it is possible to revert the condition. If you can adopt healthy lifestyle, you can take control and again live a healthy and a happy life. Therefore, the following are some of the few steps that will help you in achieving the same:

1. Diet

When it comes to dieting, your food should be rich in fiber and carbohydrates. In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids have also been proven to be effective in dealing with the high blood sugar in the body. Therefore, you should embrace the same to take control of the situation.

2. Exercise

The exercises are meant to improve the overall health. Therefore, it is important to have at least 30 minutes of the same every day. In addition, the disease is associated to the condition of inactivity of the body and thus, exercises can help in restoring a good body health.


To conclude, it is very important to adopt every step that has been described herein in order to achieve a good body health. In addition, it is so invaluable for you to take control of your weight so as to live healthy and happy always.


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